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Here are FAQ from our potential students.

1) Can I really come out with a new career – or upgrade my existing practice? Can I really build a niche for myself ….just by doing these three levels of Books Neural Therapy? Is that really feasible?

A: Yes, indeed. I’ve recently expanded my net to include more kinds of students. And I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the ability of people with various kinds of background to “own” the material quickly and easily. – Maybe even easier than some of the doctors I’ve taught to thus far. My students have increased their practice, increased their income, and increased their offerings to clients. Some have even changed careers and opened a whole new chapter in their lives!

2) What does it take to learn your work?

A: It’s a certain kind of person I’m looking for – one with a heart for children (of any age) an open mind and belief that deep change is possible. This is not a totally left-brain approach. A certain amount of that is required to learn the steps toward mastery. Another ingredient though is the ability to relate to the client, to tune in to them, to be receptive and sensitive to them. Clients will open their deepest parts to you if they feel safe and good around you. This work is life changing…if the client feels safe around you.

3) How long does it take to really learn this work?

If you are doing the online class, you can learn as fast as you can click though the material. In six weeks, you could be ready for a practicum (where I check to see that you are doing things correctly).

What makes you really good at it, though, is practice and repetition. You can learn the concepts and even the sequences as fast as you are able… But good old-fashioned practice, just like you did if you ever played the piano or took ballet, is what makes you a star.

4) I can’t decide between the BNT Professinal online class and the complete with live classes. Which is better?

A: You can start with the online class..and get started right away…. Then if you ever want to come to a live class in Austin, Texas, you can do so anytime within the year.

Start by looking at the online class and familiarize yourself with the material. Then when you show up, you’ll really be able to fine tune your learning, gets the hands on practice, get practiced on and start connecting with other classmates.

A note about live classes: There is something special about building community and friendships with people you are learning with. The friendships can last for years…and they come in handy when you want to talk over cases or ideas after hours.

5) Can I do the work on myself?

A: Not really. It’s good to let someone do the work on you. Some parts you may be able to do on yourself in an emergency (I’ve heard some very creative stories about situations where people figured out how to do some realignments!) Mostly, it’s hard to reach all the places on your own body. And secondly, it helps to be in “receive” mode to let you nervous system relax and re-boot.

6) I’m not sure whether to send my child to you for care or to use the same money to learn the work and treat him myself.

A: My advice is not to practice this work on your child right away. Learn it first by practicing on others. You’ll wear your child out and they may build up resistance. Wait until you are really smooth and proficient before you attempt this with your own child. Some people like to send their kids to our center for care so the child gets help quickly. Then you can follow up with tune ups as the child goes through growth spurts, hormonal changes, etc. Once you learn the work, and family members see the changes in your child, they will be lining up for your care.

7) What is the difference between “practicum” mentioned in the Online classes and “Certification?”

A: Practicum and certification are different and separate things. Practicum involves my overseeing you do the various steps involved in each level so you and I can make sure you are doing BNT correctly. Certification consists of taking a written and practical test, turning in a certain number of cases, and receiving the complete BNT by a certified practitioner. Once you are certified, you will go on the list of certified practitioners and receive referrals for people requesting care in your geographic area.

8) Why am I offering this Online Only Level One?

Because I really want you to own how powerful this work is. Once you see the value of level one, I believe you’ll want to learn all three levels!.

9) Why do I send in my resume and any professional licenses within 4 days of registration for the professional level training?

This allows Dr.Books to get to know you individually and make sure you are placed in the best levels of training appropriate for you.

10) What if I do not have a professional license to touch yet?

If you do not have a professional license yet you can still study Books Neural Therapy™ . You will need a license to touch (at least a ministerial) before you can charge services as Books Neural Therapy that you provide clients. Call 512-331-0668 for details.

11) What do I do to become certified? What are requirements?

Certification has easy steps after completing your courses depending on your desire and amount of time allowed for study. Learn more here

12) Who qualifies for the LIVE or ONLINE BNT Professional training? Where do I start?

If you already know how to muscle test, then you can start with BNT Level 1. If you need to learn muscle testing start with the Muscle Testing Made Easy  online class.

13) Can’t I just do level 3? Do I have to follow the class sequences? Dr Books teaching BNT level 1, Dyslexia Treatments, ADHD Treatments, Dyslexia Symptoms, Chiropractor, Austin

Each class level builds upon the first or prior level. Each step follows a sequence with no short cuts. The entire foundational neurology must be tuned up in levels 1 and 2 before the learning differences and dyslexia can be cleared. It is this trademarked sequencing that brings lasting results.

14) What is the difference between The Dyslexia Reversal System and BNT Professional Training?

A. The Dyslexia Reversal System is designed for parents to use at home. It has about 60-70% of the BNT Professional Training information.  We also offer a separate muscle testing class which many parents need in order to learn the DRS It also teaches how to learn basic muscle testing so you can perform the steps with your loved ones.

BNT Professional Training is designed for those who want to learn the entire BNT protocol and also for those who later want to become a certified Books Neural Therapist. It is open to parents, educators, massage therapists, physical therapists, MD, DC, acupuncturists, professionals–anyone who wants to learn and have the option to charge for their services..