BNT™ Course Syllabus

Level I, Level II, Level III

Books Neural Therapy™ utilizes multi-disciplinary methods and advanced neuroscience in many detailed sequences: Stimulation of pressure points, emotional and energy balancing, and good nutrition. Students learn to locate, evaluate, and alleviate neurological deficits using energy balancing techniques.

BNT Practitioners are taught to treat issues without drugs or painful interventions. Course levels are cumulative with each providing potent tools to immediately incorporate.

Students graduate with substantial knowledge and acumen to make long-lasting, life-changing results in their patients.

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Learning how to do the BNT work has made a huge difference in my practice.  It works on even deeper levels of the brain than the wide variety of tools I have been using for the past 20 years. Working with BNT for the past year, I have deepened my knowledge and ability to work with people of all ages.  Now I am comfortable working with very young children and have seen my practice blossom.  In fact, I am figuring out the best schedule for me with this much larger amount of business.  I love this work so much and am so happy seeing the changes in my clients’ lives.” Julie Newendorp, BNT Practitioner

“It has been my privilege to have known Dr. Books for 18 years. I got to work with her, watch her work, and see the results she has with patients… I even saw a mother who was sobbing hysterically when her child was able to read coherently out loud for the first time in his life. I use some of the results of what I learned with her everyday in my own practice There is not any other place to get this kind of work. I recommend her work highly.” Dr. Edward Roland, DC

About the Course

The Course provides detailed sequences of the BNT techniques to eliminate the underlying causes of most learning and behavior issues. The goal is rehabilitation and permanent correction of the condition. Training includes:

  • Application Procedure of BNT
  • Evaluation of theory in relation to neurological imbalances
  • Application techniques of selected pressure points to restore balance
  • Case management
  • Step by step instructions to address learning disorders, peak performance, cranial traumas, TMJ issues, etc

The Course is taught in three Levels: Online and In Person, outlined below in the Syllabus.

ONLINE  courses are available now 24/7.

IN PERSON Dates with Dr. Phyllis Books, Austin, Tx Coming Soon!

  • Level I: 
  • Level II: 
  • Level III: 

Introduction to BNT Video:


Course Syllabus

BNT Level I: The Foundation Course

BNT Level I

Learn core exercises and light touch modalities to provide a solid neurological foundation; sync the body’s “wiring.” Improves motor movements, physical coordination, reading readiness, emotional evenness, self-confidence and behavior.

  • Triune brain theory; neurology of learning; reticular activating system, limbic system and its various components; and survival systems and how they affect our learning and our health.
  • Historical layering of events in the nervous system. Going deeper and lower in the brain rather than lateral and higher; why it’s important to go slower and deeper; how to recognize abuse and trauma in the body; and how to update neurological circuits.
  • Eye codes and how they affect the long-term success of Books Neural Therapy.
  • Refining perceptual skills; reading layers in the energy field; perception training; and developing non-verbal listening skills that engender trust, develop rapport and enhance treatment.
  • Creating a safe, nurturing environment to allow deep change to occur.
  • Atlas, our top vertebra: How to redeem it from various holding patterns.
  • Core-centering reflexes and building a cohesive nervous system from the bottom up.


Take Aways & Benefits: Upon learning and practicing  17 modules of Level I:

Your clients will experience significant improvements and advancements:

  • Freedom from survival “fight or flight” system lockdown. You can’t learn when you’re scared.
  • Motor movements and physical coordination
  • Neurological reading readiness skills
  • Emotional evenness
  • Behavior, self-confidence
  • Grounded and comfortable in “one’s skin”
BNT Level II: The Cranial Course

BNT Level II

Learn to center the head for fluid movements and thinking.  Address eye movement synchronization, visual and auditory processing, TMJ issues and head injuries/concussions. Patients think more clearly, comprehend  and process information more quickly. Alleviates headaches and TMJ issues.

  • The role of the vestibular system in learning and behavior issues; and the role of synchronization and timing to streamline brain functions.
  • Preview of mild to moderate head traumas, and vestibular and ocular repercussions from accidents, head injuries and birth traumas.
  • Emotional interplay with above systems, and various emotional techniques to clear the body and brain for new learning.
  • ImPact studies; what’s happening with NFL players with multiple concussions; and what’s happening in junior and senior high school with sports and head injuries.
  • Energetic cranial methods to release head injuries and locked-in eye patterns.
  • Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunctions; learning problems; relationship to primary neurological patterning; and the reciprocal relationship between TMJ and other body functions.

Take Aways & Benefits: Upon learning and practicing 11 Modules of Level II:

Patients experience improvements in:

  • Thinking more clearly
  • Processing information more quickly
  • Clearing “the brain fog”
  • Releasing the TMJ issues
  • Addressing minor cranial traumas that may have been historical (like birth) or current (as with soccer/football injuries)

BNT Level III: The Clearing Course



Learn to identify and improve neurological deficits; eliminate specific obstacles involved in learning issues. Clients improve memory, vision, reading, spelling, math, and handwriting, as well as easing anxiety.


  • What parts of the brain are affected with dyslexia, and how it varies depending on native language
  • 12-Step initial neurological screening: Learning differences (dyslexia, dysgraphia, PDD, CAPD, ADD and ADHD); strengths and weaknesses.
  • How to improve neurological deficits that affect reading, handwriting, short- and long-term memory, auditory delay, procrastination, impulsivity, vestibular and auditory synchronization problems, eye tracking, behavioral/social problems, and gross and fine motor skills.
  • How to repair visual construction with the eye fascia/muscle release.
  • Emotional repatterning; clearing out “debris” and allowing new viewpoints; and what areas of the brain are affected by Ritalin and other drugs.
  • Tips for seamlessly and successfully incorporating the Books Neural Therapy program into your practice.

Take Aways & Benefits: Upon learning and practicing 18 modules of Level III:

Patients experience everything coming together in relieving neural disorders found in:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Math
  • Handwriting
  • Memory and comprehension
  • Test taking anxiety

Overall Results

Once the neurological and structural foundation is complete, the new neural signature of your client becomes:

  • Cemented in
  • Challenged
  • Strengthened
  • Automatic

Recommended Background

  • An open heart—compassion and acceptance are key to effective results

  • An efficient brain and clear head

  • Discipline—for lasting success, it is critical to practice BNT strictly according to protocol and not take short cuts

  • Knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology or willingness to learn

  • Sensitivity—ability to sense subtle shifts in the client as the most profound changes may result from the smallest of inputs

  • Nonjudgmental—ability to see the beauty and goodness in a person regardless of their current behavior or situation; ability to visualize them as whole during treatment sessions.

Course Format

The Course is taught in three Levels with certificates awarded for each and a test to complete.

Students choose online self-paced courses or live interactive classroom courses with Dr. Phyllis Books, the founder and developer of BNT™

Online Courses are 24/7 accessible and live courses are scheduled in Austin, Texas throughout the year.  Live courses include access to Online courses.Samplelesson.imac-BNTCourse

Recommended Materials & Suggested Reading

  • REQUIRED: Reversing Dyslexia: Improving Learning & Behavior Without Drugs by Dr. Phyllis Books.
  • Recommended :
    • The Brain that Changes Itself  by Norman Doidge
    • Evolve Your Brain by Joe Dispenza
    • Changing the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe DispenzaYou are the Placebo by Joe Dispenza
    • Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton
    • Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pearce
    • The Heart-Mind Matrix by Joseph Chilton Pearce
    • Everyday Grace by Marianne Williamson
    • Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine
    • How Your Child Learns Best by Judy Willis


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Dr. Phyllis Books Bio:

Neuroscience pioneer, Dr. Phyllis Books graduated with a BA Michigan State University, MA University of North Texas, and is a doctorate of chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas. Post-grad work includes family systems, accelerated learning styles, psychology, neural associative techniques, energy medicine, brain-mind research, pediatrics, and nutrition. Dr. Books authored Reversing Dyslexia: Improving Learning and Behavior Without Drugs and teaches in the US, Europe, and Australia. Learn More at
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“I applaud my colleague Dr. Phyllis Books for her research, love and dedication, in bringing Books Neural Therapy to the forefront of healing.  There is no doubt in my mind that with BNT, dyslexia can be totally reversed. Her book and online course are nothing less than brilliant!  What an amazing and timely gift to give to the world.” Dr. Janet Taylor, Chiropractor of 38 years

“As a physical therapist, I had sought many other therapies for my son who was performing below potential at school. I enjoyed the changes they had induced, but still feel that my son benefited greatly from Books Neural Therapy.  I could see the changes in coordination of his teamed eye movements after several sessions with her, as well as a general calming. The teachers appreciated this, as well. I myself have also benefited from going to Dr. Books. I could specifically feel a balance from what I feel was a better communication of the “fight or flight”  and “calm focus” portions of my nervous system.

As a result of experiencing the benefits of Dr. Book’s techniques, I was very excited when I learned that she was developing a course to teach her work.  The two main costs have been time and money, but the sacrifice of both have been well worth it.  Dr. Books is a patient and thorough teacher.  The online videos are invaluable for review of the nuances I didn’t catch in class!  I look forward to being able to master and use this very valuable work for my own clients.” Charlene Jones, P.T., R.N.

“I watched Dr. Books create miracle changes in my dyslexic son…This work called to my deepest self and I am thrilled to start training in Level 3 now. I love having the online videos to watch again and again at my own time so I can perfect my BNT skills. Dr. Books’ support has been excellent.” Kelley Aguirre

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