Artifical Sweeteners as Ant Poison


Why are we putting a poison in our food and calling it a safe alternative to sugar? Drinks, gum, bread, even baby formula are some of the many products that have this neuro-toxin ingredient that turns to formaldehyde when ingested.[singlepic id=9 w=360h=320 float=left]

A recent study shows that aspartame is an excellent ant poison. In fact, it was used for that purpose before we humans started consuming it as a sugar substitute.

People in remote areas, who don’t have access to other forms of ant poison, or who have tried many kinds of poison that weren’t effective, rely on aspartame to kill their ants.

Once again, in yet another way, as bad as sugar can be in it’s various forms, it’s still better than artificial substitutes.  At least your body recognizes sugar and knows what to do with it.  When Aspartame hits your stomach it create formaldehyde. You know, the stuff they use to embalm dead things. When your body tries to figure out what to do with non-real food (or poison for that matter), it gets really confused and can just put it the “mutate cells” category.  And it absolutely can’t process it the way it processes natural products like sugar.

Some sugar substitutes are downright deadly because of their carcinogenic properties.

Diabetes expert, Dr. H. J. Roberts, claims there is s clear scientific link between aspartame (marketed as NutraSweet or Equal)  and increased incidence of brain tumors, seizure disorders, chronic headaches and hyperactivity in children.  As for saccharin, the “cancer-causing” warning labels still apply.  Sucralose (Splenda) the newest of the non-sugars is starting to show problems as well.  It usually takes a few years for the evidence to amass.

So what is better than sugar substitutes?  Honey, when eaten in its raw and unheated form, retains lots of naturally occurring enzymes.  It you are lucky enough to have a farmer’s market (which you do somewhere) with honey from within a 50 mile radius, take advantage of that honey.  Honey can also lower the glycemic index and so it isn’t quite as hard on your body as regular sugar. It can also help build up your sensitivity to local allergies related to flowers and trees and grasses as that is where the honey originated from.

Look for sweetening your life in other ways than food.  Good friends, good thoughts, fresh air and walks in the country all bring sweetness and satisfaction in ways that last much longer than the taste of sugar on the lips.  The most wonderful things in life that bring us the greatest satisfaction can’t be bought.  They are treasures that go deep into our heart and soul.  Take time to smell the sweetness of a rose instead on inhaling sugar on the run.


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