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Free Community Lecture “Rewiring the Brain-Body Connection for Peak Performance”

Cafe Express 3418 North Lamar Blvd Austin, TX 78705

7-8:30 pm

Dr. Phyllis Books, the creator of Books Neural Therapy ™, the Dyslexia Reversal System™ and author of “Reversing Dyslexia” (Square One Pub.), will be presenting invaluable information about why sometimes motivation and changing your beliefs are not enough to reach your full potential.

Supercharge your productivity, your passion and your playing power by learning to harness the latest in neuroscience to achieve better results with less effort.

“Neural integration is the key to health and well-being.” Dan Siegel, MD

This free information session with Dr. Books is for business people who want to keep their edge in the corporate world, parents who want to overcome parenting challenges, students who want to improve S.A.T. scores, athletes who want to improve their peak physical performance and endurance. It’s for anyone who wants to look and feel younger!

Drop by for this free introduction,have some dinner while you discover which methods are best for you. For more information call 512-331-0668.

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