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Phyllis Books, Dyslexia Treatments, ADHD Treatments, Dyslexia Symptoms, Chiropractor, AustinDr. Books began engaging her imaginary public in her early childhood days in rural Wisconsin where she dressed the family dog and a pet sheep to portray various characters in her one-act plays. She never did pursue a career in theatre or even music,  however – both of which she dearly loves.

Instead, she has devoted her career to health and education. After two degrees in education, and a master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication, which helped her clarify and resolve communication issues in school and corporate settings…she changed gears totally and became a doctor of chiropractic.

Communication is her forte and her way of looking at problems often involves figuring out where and how the communication has gone awry. Although originally trained as an English teacher, once she donned her doctor’s hat, she began seeing where the communication breakdowns were happening in the human body in terms of health and illness.

This led her to develop a unique approach to handling communication issues going on inside the bodies of children with various learning issues, namely dyslexia, learning disabilities, and ADHD. She has trademarked her procedures, known as Books Neural Therapy ™ and uses them daily in her practice.

Her upcoming book, Reversing Dyslexia: Improving Learning and Behavior without Drugs, addresses the new revolutionary science which shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that dyslexia and lots of learning and behavior issues can be reversed. How exciting is that?

Dr. Books is available to share with you her excitement about how much change is possible for you and your loved ones….in terms of health, aliveness, bringing out the best in yourself, your children, even your employees.

Feel free to contact her by email at: drbooks@drphyllisbooks.com or by phone at 512 560 7888.

Click here to see her entire Curriculum Vitae (PDF) .  

Interviews and Speaking Engagements?

Dr. Phyllis Books is the creator of Books Neural Therapy™, author of the upcoming book Reversing Dyslexia and creator of the world’s first online Dyslexia Reversal System.  With years of experience of being a guest on both radio and television programs, she speaks to sold-out seminar audiences and inspires audiences at health and wellness events internationally.

If you’re interested in interviewing Phyllis or hiring her to speak at your event, please fill out the form below. Kindly understand that Phyllis has a very full schedule with teaching, writing, research and private clients so it’s not always possible to say “yes” to every request. That said, Phyllis loves speaking to live audiences and would love to hear from you.

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