Dyslexia & Learning Disability Expert,

Dr. Phyllis Books is a pioneer in working with the whole body and its role in the learning process.

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Dr. Books is an author, educator, doctor and new thought leader. She is the founder of Books Neural Therapy™, a well-documented, systematic approach to dissolving dyslexia, ADHD, head traumas, and many chronic health issues. Her book, Reversing Dyslexia: Improving Learning and Behavior Without Drugs was released in 2013 by Square One Publishing. Another book about her work, House of Miracles, was written by Bernice Dotz.  Also in 2013, Dr. Books released the world’s first online treatment class for parents, The Dyslexia Reversal System. In 2014, she added online and live classes of BNT ™ for professionals.

Her formal education includes an undergraduate degree in education and English from Michigan State University, a master’s degree in interpersonal communications from the University of North Texas and a doctor of chiropractic from Parker University. She has taught and lectured in the U.S., Europe and Australia.  Her alma mater granted her the Outstanding International Alumni Award for her many contributions.

Dr. Books has done extensive postgraduate work in family systems, accelerated learning styles, energy medicine, neuroscience, pediatrics and nutrition.  With a last name of Books, she says she is destined to be learning forever.

Her treatment success offers encouraging proof that the brain is changeable all the time at every age. Trained both traditional an energetic healing modalities, Dr. Books combines keen listening and diagnostic skills to help you feel better than ever.


Dr. Books has done extensive post-graduate work in family systems, accelerated learning styles, psychology, neural associative techniques, energy medicine, brain-mind research, pediatrics and nutrition. With a last name of Books, she says she is destined to be learning forever.

Trained in both traditional and energetic healing modalities, Dr. Books combines keen listening and diagnostic skills to help you feel better than ever. She lectures and teaches on activating new potentials and possibilities in children…of all ages.

Testimonials – Success Stories

Success by Symptoms

Amy Shumway

“Almost five years ago I went over the handlebars of my mountain bike landing myself in the hospital for four days. The medical doctors did every test imaginable (x-rays, CAT scans, MRI, MRA, EEG, and an angiogram) to find out why I had stroke like symptoms on the left side of my body. Not even the neurologist could figure out why I was passing in and out of consciousness. They even wanted to do exploratory surgery to which my roommate said, “Absolutely not!” I am so thankful that she was there. So, not being able to drive, read, spell, write, or come up with basic everyday words like shoes, food, or car, they released me from the hospital and told me that nothing was really wrong with me.

I spent the next month sleeping about 18 hours a day. I started seeing a chiropractor that also did cranial work. She helped me a little. I saw another chiropractor whose specialty was upper cervical. She helped me a lot with being able to stay awake, although I still couldn’t figure out what was going on in school.
It wasn’t until I saw Dr. Books that my recovery really started. Within a couple of weeks my memory started to improve. I could come up with everyday words on a more frequent basis. The reminder notes I would write myself began to make sense. After about a month or so I could read, spell and comprehend. Reading was fun again. I still remember the excitement I had when I read my first novel after the head injury. I was ecstatic.

Whether you have a head injury or not, Dr. Books will be able to get you to function at a higher mental level.
Thanks for everything.”

Success by Symptoms

Donna N

“We made arrangements to find a way to pay for this. It is very worth it to have Jared off his medication. You can’t put a price on that. I feel like somebody has given my child back to me.”

Success with Learning and Behavior

Marsha Wood, Ph.D.

“During that first session, while Dr. Books was holding points near my eyes, my vision became in focus for the first time in years. My eyes worked well individually, but they lacked the ability to work together. This inability affected my depth perception, as I subconsciously used one eye for my visual intake.

I saw improvements with my concentration. I had difficulty concentrating with external visual input and auditory stimuli, such as movement nearby. For example, in a classroom situation, I might be distracted by the sound of someone’s hand across the paper. Because of my concentration difficulties, I found that I would forget items even while doing the same project. This meant a great deal more time completing a project. After the initial series of sessions, I have occasionally needed periodic readjustments for this (after an illness, for example).

Success by Symptoms


“My 15 year old daughter was scheduled for TMJ surgery when we met Dr. Books. Dr. Books begged us to postpone the surgery. Now, almost 15 years later, my daughter is doing great and never did have the surgery. The funny thing is, we originally took her in for knee problems. Dr. Books explained how one could affect the other.”