7 Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Healthy Eating


Healthy eating plays a tremendous role in reversing dyslexia and ADHD. The food supply is not as nutritious as it used to be, and we are eating far too much junk food. What your child eats is what his body uses for energy and building neuron pathways, bone, muscles, and tissue. It’s true what they say: garbage in = garbage out.

Good nutrition makes our jobs much easier when we work together to reverse dyslexia or naturally treat ADHD. Excess sugar is toxic to your child’s body and hurts her health every way possible. Unfortunately, while it’s easy to avoid obvious sugar, the food industry adds it to practically everything. If you do nothing else to foster healthy eating in your family, reduce the sugar drastically. You’ll be amazed at how everyone’s health improves.

Your attitude about food will influence your children, and what they learn from you will likely affect them all their lives. If your kids get into the habit of eating food out of a box and drinking soda every day, it will be no surprise if they have diabetes, heart problems, and a host of other degenerative diseases. If they eat natural foods, their health will be much better than that of their peers.190

Set a good example to your kids, and give them the tools they need to create a healthy lifestyle. Here are some ideas to get the kids involved in good nutrition.

Take the kids to the store with you frequently.
Teach them to shop the perimeter of the store. Let them see the tremendous variety of food available, both good and bad. Show them ingredient labels, and teach them what to look for and avoid.

Let them be in charge of one meal a week.
I did this with my children starting at the age of seven. It doesn’t have to be a fancy meal, but they do need to be in charge of preparing it, from taking ingredients out of the fridge to cleaning up.

Have them create their own snacks.
From homemade popsicles to their own trail mix creation, give your kids autonomy and let them decide what to snack on. Kids love going to the bulk bins at the store and picking out their favorite berries, nuts, carob chips, etc. for trail mix.

Teach them to sprout beans.
Kids love this, and it’s not only fun but also nutritious. Take some red lentils or mung beans and put in a quart jar. Cover with water and leave overnight. Rinse the beans with water twice a day. In two days or so, you’ll see tails sprouting on the beans. This also means their nutritional value is off the charts. Eat them raw, on pasta or salad, or toss them in sea salt and olive oil.

Let them do the measuring when you cook or bake.
Math skills include measuring, and when you double or half a recipe, kids get to practice using fractions. You can have them do the calculations on paper or use the measuring spoons for a hands-on activity.

Create fun food projects.
Food dehydrators are a wise investment because of their flexibility, and kids love using them. You can make jerky, fruit rollups, dried fruit, and dried herbs. They enjoy rotating the trays and watching the dehydration process.

Grow a garden.
Many kids think that vegetables and fruit come from the store, and they have no idea where the store gets them. When you grow your own garden, you know what’s in the food you’re eating. You can use all-natural fertilizer and pesticides, and you can even teach them to create a compost pile.

Healthy eating can help us reverse dyslexia and naturally treat ADHD in your children. Unhealthy eating makes all our jobs harder, and it harms your children’s health in the short- and long-term.

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