5 Ways to Help Your Dyslexic Child Eat Better


Diet plays a pivotal role in reversing dyslexia. To give your child the greatest chance of success, it’s crucial that his or her diet is full of healthy, nutritious food that will provide the building blocks of the brain. Eating better is easy if you know what to do—here’s how.

Eliminate sugar for at least two months.
Sugar is a nutritionally empty food, and it can cause a host of health problems. To successfully reverse dyslexia, your child needs to be off sugar. If he or she has a sweet tooth, try fruit or snacks sweetened with stevia or xylitol.

Sugar is poison to your system and adversely affects everything it meets. Once you’ve gone off sugar, you’ll love how you feel and never want to go back.

Reduce wheat and dairy consumption.
Many people are allergic to wheat and dairy, so I always suggest that families with a dyslexic child should minimize or completely avoid eating dairy or wheat. Wheat contains gluten, which can harm the digestive system, and the cow’s milk that most dairy comes from has antibiotics and growth hormone in it.

Prepare food at home.
Homemade food is the best because it has the freshest ingredients and is made with love. Shop for ingredients at health food stores, or buy from local farmers’ markets when possible. Include your child in food preparation so he or she feels a sense of accomplishment.

Read labels.
Food manufacturers use many different preservatives, additives, and extraneous ingredients in food. You have every right to know what those ingredients are, and the nutrition label will tell you exactly what is in each food. Become an avid label reader so you know what you’re feeding your family.

Stop the caffeine madness and substitute water.
Many of us, including our children, drink caffeine-laced beverages every day, from coffee to cola. Mood swings, irritability, hyperactivity, and aggressive behavior, which accompany the caffeine and sugar, are all implicated in learning challenges. They temporarily divert your child from the ability to focus their brain, pay attention, and learn effectively.

Teach your children to drink water, which could include seltzer water with a little lemon or lime juice. The less pop and energy drinks they consume, the better their brains will work.

What do you do to help your child eat better?






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