4 of the Best Ways to Help Your Child Reverse Dyslexia


Reversing dyslexia is a process that you and your child can greatly affect by making good choices in your day-to-day lives. You can do certain things (and avoid others) that will enhance the effects of natural treatments for dyslexia, such as Books Neural Therapy™.

The following are simple things you can do at home or in the community that will help me to help you and your child. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.BFHC-logo

Believe in your child.
Your child is an amazing and perfect person in his or her own right. Dyslexia adds to that perfection because your child’s brain works differently from others’ brains. There is a perception, a compassion, among children with dyslexia that others are not fortunate enough to experience.

We want to reverse the dyslexia not to change your child’s perfection, but to allow him or her to use the whole brain and bring out even more of those gifts. We also want to help your child feel secure, content, and capable. Believing in your child is the necessary first step in this journey. He or she needs your love, your strength, and your pride.

Know when your child needs support.
In other blogs, we’ve discussed the three brains and that the reptilian brain needs routine, repetition, and safety. When your child is upset, hurt, or tired, the reptilian brain is unsettled. It craves comfort and security, and you as the parent are the best person to provide that.

Comfort is simple. A hug, encouraging words, couch time under a blanket, hot cocoa, or a bedtime story all work wonders for that reptilian brain. Do whatever soothes your child. An unhappy reptilian brain is scared and unsure, and that translates to an upset child who doesn’t know what to do or where to turn.

Nourish that growing body and brain.
Healthy eating is of prime importance when it comes to giving the body and brain the building blocks they need for growth, maintenance, and repair. While it’s convenient to go to McDonald’s for dinner, make fast food an occasional treat. Feed your child nature’s food whenever possible. Make sure he drinks plenty of water. Ensure she eats at least three to five servings of fruits and vegetables daily and gets plenty of protein. Please keep the wheat, sweets, and dairy to a minimum.

If you do nothing else, cut the sugar and artificial sweeteners to the bone and reduce wheat as much as possible. Your child doesn’t need any of them, and in fact, they will slow the progress we make together.

Be an active partner in Books Neural Therapy™.
When you bring your child to me, I may ask you to supplement our work by doing exercises at home. I may also ask you to follow specific dietary recommendations. These are requests to help speed your child’s progress and help him to find success and self-assurance as soon as possible.

We all want the same thing: a happy, healthy child who has the confidence, ability, and stamina to accomplish anything she wants to.

With you in his or her corner, it’s a given.


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